About us

Diamond.ca is the online retail division of the Canadian Diamond Exchange INC. and is CANADA’s prominent online diamond company  

Head office located in Vancouver BC

Diamond.ca is a true pioneer company, and one of the first companies in the world to successfully sell diamonds online.   Started by our CEO Ran Cohen 🧩. Shortly after Mr. Sheldon Hazen join the team along side many other including Andrew, Tuan, Nerses, Mano, Arto, Maria, William and others  

Over the many years Diamond.ca became known for delivering high quality Canadian diamonds at a great value.  Pioneering in innovations and new methods of marketing Canadian Diamonds, including brands such as Polar Bear Diamond, Polar Ice Diamonds, CanadaMark, HeartsDiamond & ArcticHare to name a few.

Today, the Canadian Diamond Exchange INC is involved with promoting Canadian Diamonds around the world via its affiliate company Diamonds.ca LTD. Providing awareness & consultations across all levels from mine to consumers.